A magical mixture to lose weight quickly in just one week

There are many recipes that help lose weight, and you need to follow the recipes and follow them.

They have to lose weight as required, and some are looking for a magic mixture to lose weight quickly,

I will mention here a series of recipes:

parsley garlic,

This is done by placing a clove of garlic in a liter of water and boiling it.

Then a handful of parsley is added for half an hour and then eaten before eating.

Lemon and mint Put a handful of mint and lemon and half a cup of water.

Take it every day in the morning.

Apple juice and cinnamon

This juice increases the feeling of satiety.

Milk and oats After mixing a tablespoon of oats with a cup of milk and adding it

Part of the banana pieces for the mixture and eat it for a month 15 minutes before meals.

Lemon, mint and ginger juice, this juice is a fat burner that aids in weight loss

      Quickly, this drink is taken every day early in the morning for a week.

1 Eat fresh vegetables such as cucumber, lettuce and parsley, which give us a feeling of satiety for a long time.

2- Eat fruits that contain few calories, such as apples and melons, and avoid eating dates, figs and grapes.

3 Avoid eating dried fruits such as apricots, figs, peaches and peaches because they contain a lot of calories.

4- That the employee perform walking and abdominal exercises daily, which is one of the best ways to treat the rumen.

5- Avoid sitting and eating in front of the TV screen for a long time, as this unconsciously leads to eating a large amount of food.

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