Three recipes to lose weight in just a few days

 Three recipes to lose weight in just a few days

The body can lose its flexibility and agility, which allows you to actively and quickly perform daily activities.

This can lead to the use of some types of medications to treat obesity, which are not the right or available option.

Therefore, in this article, we will talk about some natural recipes that will help you lose weight.

Without the weight loss process being accompanied by any negative and harmful side effects on the human body.

Ginger and mint recipe:

This recipe helps to lose excess weight quickly because of its high efficiency in burning fat,

It is prepared by boiling chopped ginger with water over low heat for half an hour, then adding mint to it in the desired quantity.

Let the drink cool down a bit.

As drinking this mixture before each meal daily after it is filtered works to lose weight.

Recipe for weight loss guaranteed scrambled and green tea:

This recipe was provided by Walaa Abu Al-Hajjaj, a clinical nutrition consultant, as it consists of:

One tablespoon of dried and crushed pomegranate peel

One tablespoon of ground ginger

A teaspoon of green tea

Fresh green mint leaves

Boiling water

Lemon and water recipe:

An excellent recipe for getting rid of excess weight on a daily basis,

 and it is prepared by mixing a cup of lemon juice with two cups of lukewarm water,

 where this mixture is consumed every day in the morning with an empty bottle. The stomach 

contributes to weight loss and fat burning.

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