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What we do with the user information you provide to us

By entering user information, you agree that we may retain your user information on our behalf or through the services of a third party company that processes this information on our behalf.

In accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy, we may use your user information for the following purposes:

create, select and present content and media in the form of audio, video, print, online, broadcast or any other format in connection with news, current issues and for educational and entertainment purposes; or for news gathering purposes; For editorial purposes.

- Conduct market research, including statistical analysis relating to user behavior, which we may offer to third parties in an impersonal and holistic manner.

- identifying problems with our websites, apps, or services; planning improvements to our websites, applications, or services; Create new websites, applications or services.

Communicate with you by any means (including email, phone, text, social media, mail, and personal communication) to inform you of news and other information that may be of interest to you, provided that such notifications comply with the law; maintain and update your contact information as necessary; Obtain your prior voluntary consent where required.

- enabling us to fulfill all legally imposed requirements; And the

To send you periodic communications (including an email), regarding specifications, products, services, events, and special offers.

in the event that we sell or buy business or assets, in which case we may disclose your user information to the prospective buyer or seller of such business or property;

We may disclose your user information to a third party:

in order for the third party to send periodic communications to you regarding specifications, products, services, events, and special offers on our behalf;

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