Where does the wedding tradition come from...how Germans marry each other


Where does the wedding tradition come from...how Germans marry each other

In weddings, there are ancient customs and traditions that the bride and groom enjoy, and they are an essential part of the wedding ceremony,

Like throwing candies and cutting a cake together, and taking the bride to the door of the matrimonial home. But what do these traditions mean?

Many of them carry meaning within them. According to Affection Over, a website that specializes in wedding fashion and supplies,

Throwing rice at the groom is for the abundance of offspring and fertility, and the woman who picks up the bouquet of roses that the bride receives,

 She will have the following rosary. . marriage. Also, roses at weddings bring good luck.

How do Germans marry each other?

 Marriage is celebrated in many federal states, the bride and groom are in the biostatistics department,

This is considered a civil wedding, where the bride and groom go with a group of family and friends to complete the wedding ceremony,

The employee explains to the newlyweds the essence of joint life and cooperation between spouses. them and their spouses. Marriage duties and responsibilities.

Then each asks for their consent separately, and if both parties answer yes,

The responsible official will acknowledge their marriage and offer them congratulations and blessings, and exchange rings and kisses.

But German magazine Stern was taken by surprise regarding the costs of wedding and celebration for Germans,

Where the magazine published a study of 1,000 people about wedding costs,

The answer was that Germans spend on average. about 72.500 euros to celebrate the wedding,

Much less than what Brits pay on average, for example around 29,000 euros. However ,

And much less than what the French pay on average, for example around 32,600 euros. However ,

Residents of Primomand left the case, because they were willing to pay 20 thousand euros for the wedding.

What are the usual and well-known wedding rituals:

Traditionally, the father of the bride would take his daughter inside the church. A common custom is the wedding ball.

where the bride and groom open the ballroom, as well as the wedding cake at midnight and the bridal bouquet;

And it was said: He who adopted him is the first to marry after him. At the end of the wedding day,

The groom carries his wife across the threshold and they hope to spend their lives forever.

What gifts do the bride and groom receive?

Since many couples in Germany were already living together before the wedding,

Couples are now on their wish lists instead of giving up porcelain and bedding for cash gifts.

Newlyweds love to take this money as an aid in their wedding or honeymoon.

What do the bride and groom wear at the wedding?

Wedding fashion does not change and is often white as per the classical perception.

But more and more brides want to marry in different colors, even wearing black and bright red.

The groom wears his wedding dress mostly in muted colors and whatever accessories he chooses suit the bride.

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