Marriage customs in Saudi Arabia you should know:

Marriage customs in Saudi Arabia you should know:

In the past, the people of Saudi Arabia would marry relatives or the tribe,

 as marriage from outside the tribe was rare.

 Because they believe that marriage increases family bonding and strengthens internal relationships and 


 But if the bride is a stranger to them, then the "matchmaker"

 takes on the task of getting to know her and asking about her to find out

 Whether it is appropriate to be the wife of their son.

Saudi youth, like other youth, are keen on intermarrying with a family known for its good morals.

 Her qualities and high social position, where the young man takes care of everything in marriage,

 from the dowry,

 To furnish and furnish it. Home, to the marriage ceremony, especially the banquet.

As for the Saudi girl, she is eager to learn cooking and housework

Banquets are the food of joy, as they are called in Saudi Arabia.

The banquet is one of the most important customs and traditions of marriage in Saudi Arabia.

Which indicates the generosity and generosity of the Saudis rooted in their origins.

Harees, a dish made of minced meat, is the main dish at weddings.

 While many types of sweets, drinks and more are served.

A few days before the wedding ceremony, the groom visits the house of the bride's family,

 He brings with him gifts, necessities, gold, etc., while the bride prepares for her wedding day like 


It is placed on the hands and feet of the bride by a cut or dip method, that is, to place her hand.

 Or he presents it with henna on the wrist or elbow, as some customs include a man with henna.


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