How successful these sites are in attracting people until I heard and learned about these stories from my friends and those around me,

Stories that ended happily and others ended sadly:

Through one of the websites, I met him and learned that he works as an accountant in one of the Gulf countries and is looking for a girlfriend.

And I began to talk to him on the phone, and in the summer he went to us and saw him for the first time,

It was difficult for me to judge him only by the letters exchanged between us. More than once ,

On the same visit, he got engaged and wrote the book a few months later. I traveled to him in the Gulf after he remarried,

I did not get to know his character well until after marriage, and I found him to have many good qualities,

The banter between us is great, but it's also late. For this discovery and sometimes I wonder if I am happy.

Laila Khaled, a doctor of psychology, tells:

Most people who are online do not give correct information about themselves,

Girls often enter dating sites with a guy's name so that they don't have any problems.

Their actions are incorrect and their consequences have dire consequences, even if contacting sites dedicated to marriage because their purpose is not marriage,

It's games and entertainment. I prefer it to be done the right way and through the parents.

Dating and love chatting is just for entertainment, but marriage is another way.

Amal Helmy, a university student, contacted us and continued, saying: This phrase was told to me by the young man I met on the Internet,

And a relationship developed between us that imagined love, but I discovered that it was illusory love,

And I thought he was going to marry me, but I was surprised when he said, I don't want to be in a relationship. With a girl I know on the Internet",

And turn off the phone. my face. Then I knew and understood very well that the knowledge of young people through chatting and the so-called online love story

It is not successful and does not continue. It is a truncated story and lacks a very important and influential factor in the completion of the marriage, which is the parents' knowledge of the relationship.

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