When you are actively social, you are bound to meet many interesting women.

When you are actively social, you are bound to meet many interesting women.

The abundance mentality that we talked about in the first section will become more and more a matter 

of “acting as if” and more real.
our end! Your social dreams come true; But you have to be honest with women about the reality of dating others.

It's not just the right thing to do,

It also increases your social value - this means a desire to understand and listen deeply,

And use kind words as an answer to how to make a girl give in to you.

This may mean refraining from turning everything into a discussion and seeing logic as the only way

To learn how to make a girl love you through messages.

You may be accustomed to chasing women,

But you have to start getting used to the women who chase you.

 The best way to learn how to get a girl to give in to you is,

Setting priorities and instilling a sense of abundance:

Imagine that you have a smartphone and interesting and successful things in the world.

Pretend that it is your reality. Many men decide their schedule for women. Instead of that ,

They should prioritize their time for women who deserve it. By the age of thirty.

Most women think seriously about the choices they make and the career paths they take. However ,

The anxiety they feel when experiencing each paragraph in life stems from a different desire.

Usually a woman in her thirties is in tune with herself, she has a complete personality that does not need to be changed,

She really knows who she is and what she wants.

Considering the age of thirty as the age of psychological stability:

The age of thirty can be considered the age of psychological stability, as it enjoys more psychological stability,

And get rid of the mental whirlwind and mental exhaustion that you are exposed to before reaching this age,

It defined all aspects of her life, as well as her personal and social relationships.

A woman in her thirties has enough experience and wisdom to live properly.

She is an adult in her eyes and in the eyes of society.

Women are by nature highly intelligent beings, and their intelligence increases when they reach the age of thirty.

As a woman becomes more accommodating of the things around her and is able to realize the importance of choosing the right life partner.

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