The five best dating applications in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and the Gulf


Dating site to chat with residents, youth, men, women, girls, girls, divorcees and widows for marriage in Qatar and residents who are seriously looking for a partner for life.

Acquaintance and friendship with a serious commitment to halal and misyar marriage and polygamy

Marriage with residents of the State of Qatar, and all you have to do is register, and then start looking for it absolutely free and without any cost. Call all subscribers of the site for free

my diaspora

Russian businessman Arsen Kazbekov aspires to become his app.

The first "Halal" dating app in the sense that it complies with all Islamic standards,

He has the support of Muslim rulers and clerics.

A study conducted by his team showed that more than 55% of users of similar applications around the world come from Islamic or conservative countries. So,

My intention was to create this app as an alternative for people who care about religious and traditional beliefs in conservative societies.

This service is available for free on iOS and Android devices, with no $7 upgrades required.


Badoo Dating Chat

It was founded by the Lebanese young man, Cedric Maalouf, after he established a love affair in France.

After 3 years, it failed to be the first dating site in the Arab world.

Then it moves to smartphones. This application is characterized by the fact that it was developed with the help of engineers and experts in marriage relations, and it works on the basis of an advanced analysis of the user's personality.

From the east of the Arab world to the west, more than 40,000 people are using this app.

40% of them are in Saudi Arabia and 40% in Egypt, Jordan and Morocco.

The remaining 20% are from various other countries. This app can be downloaded for free from the Play Store


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