Snapchat's new feature, My AI, or chat-buddy bot

Snapchat introduced a new feature to all of its users for free, My AI,

 which was powered by ChatGPT and was based on giving users of the app a chance to chat with a bot 

and maybe even befriend the CEO. From the company Evan Spiegel,

 on whether this bot has feelings or can become friends with users of the Snapchat application,

 replied: “I think it is possible,” but we are going to explain some important details about this new 

feature. which is based on artificial intelligence.

When will the new My AI feature be available to Snapchatters?

And Snap confirmed that the new chatbot, My AI, is officially available this week only to Snapchat 

Plus subscribers, a service that provides a set of additional exclusive features for the monthly 


The CEO of the company confirmed that this chat friend is not allowed to chat in insulting or 

scandalous discussions other than illegal discussions, but he provides great and wonderful information 

in many other areas where users of the Snapchat application can benefit from and rely on. matter. . .

As for the other, it is that there are long-term relationships outside the normal range between people and 

machines, something that Google feared last year after designing a similar robot,

 but it was later found 

to be able to respond to humans. The feelings that made the experience stop.

 The person responsible for that has been fired.

Snapchat bot concerns

On the other hand, many fans fear two things, the first is that this will alienate many Snape users, 

especially since most of them are teenagers,

 from human relationships and will tempt them to have relationships with the bot.

 Especially since he would be an example of a helpful friend who will provide them with everything 

they need.

Snapchat Company Data

Limitations of "My AI".

We are constantly improving and developing my AI, but my AI responses may contain biased,

 incorrect, harmful or misleading content. As My AI is a feature under development,

 you should always independently check the answers provided by My AI before relying on any advice, 

and you should never share confidential or sensitive information. Unlike other chats with friends,

 all messages made with "My AI" will remain unless you delete them and can be used to improve Snap 

products and personalize your experience, including ads.

My AI is powered by OpenAI's GPT technology, which is trained on a wide variety of texts,

including different types of text such as books, articles, and web pages.

 This collection reflects the diversity of information available online,

 including misinformation and divisive topics.

The training process was designed to avoid amplifying harmful or inaccurate information,

 and the model was modified to reduce language biases and prioritize factual information,

 although this may not always be successful.

 Snapchat has also added additional themes and security features that are unique to Snapchat.

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