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This application works in a different way to get acquainted with the rest of the applications.

 Where we find that all dating programs focus on photos to find matching people.

  But SwoonMe replaces real photos with avatars,

 as the photo you upload to the dating app is turned into a cartoon version of you on your profile.

Alternatively, you can search for a partner by recording audio clips.

 If you like what you hear, you can communicate further through voice messages.

And in the end, after chatting, you can find a way to reveal your true image.

 This app greatly helps you to choose the right person when you are trying to meet someone new, 

whether it is for friendship or a more serious relationship.

It's a different way of dating than some of the other apps here but it's worth checking out and trying

SwoonMe is a metaverse social platform that helps you create meaningful connections through avatar 

interactions, voice messages, and more.

what's new

With all the revamped and new features, making friends and meeting new people on SwoonMe has 

never been easier!

Break the ice with other hookers with the simplest and easiest to use icebreaker.

Your inbox has a whole new look and experience All your messages and interactions in one place 

icebreakers, messages and voice notes with

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