You and Me is an ancient dating and networking site that brings the world together

 You and Me is an ancient dating and networking site that brings the world together

 on its pages to provide greater and better marriage opportunities between Arabs.

You and I bridge distances and bring hearts together. You have golden chances to choose between 2 million

Common to determine who matches your personality and requirements. Subscribe now to get what you want wherever you are.

How to register an account on the site?

To create an account on the site, you can register on the main page of the site by choosing your gender

Then fill in the personal information.

To successfully complete the registration process, please fill in the required information accurately and 

ensure that the email is typed in the correct manner.

Why was the requested name rejected because it was not available?

Your request is unavailable due to another subscriber with the same name.

You can add some modifications to the chosen name as numbers or letters or change it completely.

You may have to try again several times due to the large number of subscribers with us.

Is it permissible to register more than one account on the site?

According to the terms of the site, it is not permissible to register more than one account.

The offending account is completely banned from the site.

How do I contact someone I love?

Communicating with anyone you love is very easy and you just need to take a few steps:

1. Click on the image of the selected person to enter his data.

2. In the center of the page there are different ways to communicate.

3. Choose the method that works for you, such as sending a like or texting him.

How do I send a message in the chat room?

After entering the chat room, you can communicate with subscribers in two ways.

Personal messages: This is done after selecting a participant in the panel on the left of the screen.

All you have to do is click on his name and start the conversation.

 Personal contact only happens between you

And between the selected subscriber, meaning that the rest of the subscribers cannot read the 

conversation that takes place between you.

General messages: These are messages to all the opposite sex.

Public messaging is limited, which means that only two messages can be sent per minute, in order to 

maintain the site's intent.

How do I complain about a subscriber who offended me through chat?

If you get abused or notice any violation of the terms and conditions of the site, just tell the 


Send a message to the site administration with

1. Submit some details so that we can certify the information sent.

2. The name must be copied from the subscriber's page or send a link to his page

3. It is also recommended to provide some evidence.

The site management thanks you for your cooperation to make the site better.

How is the subscriber's correspondence on the site?

If you want to message someone, you have to take a few steps, including:

Choose the photo or name of the subscriber you want to communicate with to access their profile.

Then press the green "Send message" button to start messaging.

How do I delete messages?

Messages are deleted either individually or collectively depending on the choice.

Single deletion: When entering the message list, below the message you will find a note that the 

selected message has been deleted.

mass deletion. After selecting the specific messages, you can delete them from the list at the bottom of 

the page. There is an indication of how to delete.

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