Shortcuts of English words in the smart web chat

English chat abbreviations in fact there are many expressions and each has a meaning,

We will review the most important and most famous ones in the English language and their meanings in the Arabic language.

We will make a list of more than 40 frequently used English words

To express laughter, anger, joy, thanks and concern during a conversation.

The most famous English word abbreviations in chat 2022

NP - No Problem.

OMG - Oh My God - Oh my God.

PPL - these three letters are short for a very important word in English, people.

THX - from the English word Thanks - thank you.

TIA - Thanks In Advance - Thanks in advance.

TTYL - Talk To You Later.

EOD - end of day

G2G - got to go

ezpz ezpz is an abbreviation for easy profit

BFF BFF is an acronym for Best friends forever

CYA CYA is an acronym for …cover your a profanity that means “cover.”

4YEO 4YEO is an acronym for For your eyes only

AFAIK - In English: As Far As I Know - As far as I know.

AFK - these letters abbreviate the following structure in English: Away From The Keyboard.

AKA - Expressed in the following expression: Also Known As - Also known as.

ASL is the abbreviation of three English words: Age, Sex, and Location - Age, Gender, and Location.

BBL - Refers to the following structure: Be Back Later.

FAQ - Frequently seen on websites Frequently Asked Questions - Frequently Asked Questions.

NOYB NOYB is an acronym for None of your business and it means “It's none of your business

GR8 GR8 is an acronym for “Great.”

IDK IDK is an acronym for I don't know

noob or (n00b) noob or (n00b) are short for Newbie or newcomer, meaning “beginner.”

TIA TIA is an acronym for Thanks in advance

WTF WTF is an acronym for What the f…k which is a profanity meaning “what the hell is this

TTYL TTYL is an acronym for Talk to you later, which means “I will talk to you later.”

AFAIK AFAIK is an acronym for As far as I know, which means “As far as I know.

IRL IRL is an acronym for In real life

DIY is an acronym for Do it yourself

IMO IMO is an acronym for In my opinion

L8R L8R is an acronym for Later

JK JK is an acronym for "Just kidding"

OTOH OTOH is an acronym for On the other hand

BRB BRB is an acronym for Be right back

np np is an acronym for no problem, which means no problem

omg omg is an abbreviation for oh my god and means astonishment, surprise, or fear.

ikr ikr is an acronym for I know right and it means I agree

EOD EOD is an abbreviation for End of discussion, meaning the end of the conversation

btw btw is an acronym for By the way and means by the way

FYI FYI is an acronym for For your information

TYT TYT is an acronym for Take your time, which means take your time

BTT BTT is an acronym for Back to topic. It means “back to topic.”

LOL LOL is an acronym for laugh out laud, which means laughing out loud

lmfao lmfao is an acronym for laugh my fuking ass out

FAQ FAQ is an acronym for Frequently asked questions, which means Hwg, ljmvv,

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