The first and only zodiac dating app. Kooup

Try Kooup - the first and only Zodiac dating app.

For you who are looking for the "real" partner in life, or believe in soul mates by fortune reading,

Or they just want to search for your dream match,

Kooup will help you find your ideal partner with whom you can develop a serious relationship,

Or even progress to building a loving family together.

We really care about the privacy and safety of our members more than other dating apps.

We carefully check the profiles of all members.

Come and try our unique features that can help you find true love - "Kooup Horo Match".

Search and match you with unique individuals through sophisticated algorithms based on your choice 

of readings -

From ancient fortune telling methods, modern sympathy matching or Chinese sympathy.

Our experts and unique algorithms will unlock the mysteries of your birth stars. Unlike any other 

matching apps,

Your match with the corresponding stars will be revealed. "Kooup Horo Match" will tell you that,

Based on your date of birth and the birth of your match,

What kind of match for you:

Lover, life partner, friend, supporter?

How compatible are you with the percentage match?

Let Kooup help you decide who the "right guy" for you is. Dating and Friendship Sites

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