Farah is a dating app with artificial intelligence technology

Farah is a dating app with artificial intelligence technology

 Farah is an AI dating app that aims to help users find a life partner

On the basis of compatibility at the educational, professional and social levels, in a manner that is safe and appropriate to the Arab culture.

The idea of ​​the application is based on getting acquainted with young men and women to start a successful married life according to their answers

On simple questions that reveal many aspects of their personalities, through which Farah will present them with the appropriate nominations,

 And two parties are free to respond to the appropriate nominations, or to search for more suitable options with the required specifications.

artificial intelligence technology

The artificial intelligence technology in the Farah app is working to provide better nominations while increasing the answers to the questions,

And ban people who are not serious, or accounts that are not verified periodically.

Security and privacy factors:

In our development of Farah App, we paid attention to the customs and traditions of the Eastern communities. Moral excesses on both sides are unacceptable,

And at any time the user can report any abuse from the other party, we will take the appropriate action after the investigation,

To prevent him from entering the application again, so our team is working 24 hours. Ensure your privacy.

Advantages of Farah App:

Unlimited number of potential marriage candidates.

Nominations based on educational and professional equivalency.

24 hour support team.

The balance of trust for both parties to document the higher accounts.

Documenting accounts in more than one way to ensure seriousness.

How are nominations submitted from the Farah app:

Farah will ask some questions, and from there she will learn some data.

You will then start compatibility tests to see how you think

- Filtering is done according to the data and answers to start the conversation.

With more answers on compatibility tests, Farah will make better nominations.

Better compatibility:

Farah's algorithms are based on convergence based on age, location, education, and occupation.

Because parity is one of the most important factors for successful relationships, and this is what makes Farah app more suitable for serious relationships.

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