Dating programs near you km1 - an application for dating and dating


Dating programs near you km1 - an application for dating and dating .

If you are a young man and want to meet girls from your region or country or vice versa,

The app will be one of the most important dating apps and software around you as it has everything 


need to meet new people.

It provides you with the right environment to meet new friends thanks to many features that will allow 

you to reach your destination

The user details of this application are displayed in a wide range of up to one kilometer.

 The application is very flexible for you,

It can change the view and provide a notification service in case someone wants to chat with you.

 The app will tell you.

Once you open the app, you will be taken directly to the main menu,

 which contains a list of people close to you.

There are three functions in which you can adapt the display area to your needs.

 Here you can choose the gender you want to see,

Be it a woman or a man or both. This was the last time the account was linked to the region you are in

There are three other options.

You can use this function to select the age group you are looking for, from 17 to 24 years old to over 36 years old.

You can also search for all age groups and see snapshots and photos that people post on the app,

The application displays the most popular accounts in the application to communicate with them.

If you want to install the application:

It specializes in meeting new people and chatting on your device.

Your phone should only have 16MB of free space,

And the Android version must be newer or later than Android Kitkat or Lollipop 5.

Check out the best Android versions and all versions within 1 km of your drive -

Meet new people, chat and download directly to your phone

Or any Android device so you can check the bottom of the screen so that

You can scroll down so you can scroll from people linking.

Link Application Website Click Here

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