Pregnancy of a married woman in her thirties is the healthiest for her

حمل المرأة المتزوجة في العشرينيات من عمرها الأكثر صحيا لها

Pregnancy of a married woman in her thirties is the healthiest for her

Many experts acknowledge that marrying in a woman's 30s ensures a safer pregnancy.

higher fertility and better chance of having children,

Whereas, late marriage exposes women to difficult pregnancies and the risk of miscarriage.

1: Ease of integration with a life partner:

When you are younger, you are better able to adapt and adapt to others,

 It makes it easier for you to adapt to the changes and challenges that marriage brings.

As well as your ability to carry out your tasks more effectively because of the activity and vitality you show at an early age.

2: The ability to face challenges:

The age of twenty is the ideal age at which a person can achieve his goals and develop his professional and life level,

So getting married at this age can be a strong motivation for you to achieve the accomplishments you aspire to achieve

which will make your life and your family life more successful and stable,

3: Take enough time before and after childbirth:

Marriage at a young age allows you to spend special moments with a partner because there are not many responsibilities

involved in having children, this gives you the opportunity to consolidate a better relationship with your life partner and participate in

Develop mature plans for how to raise children. and improving their living conditions before their birth.

4: Marriage at the age of thirty regulates life:

Yes, marriage in general regulates a person's life, and makes him more able to assume responsibilities,

It avoids reckless and irresponsible practices. Early marriage also provides the couple with an opportunity to gain new experiences.

 They can make use of it in overcoming the difficulties they face in their future life.

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The impact of early marriage on the health of married women:

A girl’s lack of awareness of her sexual and reproductive rights and health at an age when her body is still developing

When she is not physically and emotionally ready for pregnancy, she is at greater risk of dying in childbirth.

 In addition to the diseases that can accompany the pregnant woman and not carry it. teenage body,

 Because of the general ignorance and absence of family planning, a woman can experience repeated pregnancies with serious health complications.

Reducing early marriage of minors:

Early marriage is not only a social issue between two families, but an economic issue that also affects the economy and progress of the state,

Therefore, countries must take the necessary measures to limit the spread of this phenomenon.

One of the things that can limit early marriage is not allowed. For girls, they leave their education before completing their university studies,

 In this way, they can invest to work in the country.

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