Dr. Lamis Al-Ghanim, a specialist in psychiatry, in an interview with our website,

لأمر ليس للنساء السوريات فقط

Dr. Lamis Al-Ghanim, a specialist in psychiatry, in an interview with our website,

On the psychological impact on Syrian women who are forced to marry through marriage offices.

Dr. Lamis Al-Ghanim said: “It is not only for Syrian women,

 Rather, for everyone who is compelled to treat himself as a commodity in order to secure for himself security and a stable life to some extent,

And surely this man is very cruel to the soul. It makes her feel nervous,

 which sometimes exposes her to feel good in some way.

One form of association is one that can get us into trouble like a big age difference,

 or accept a person while you do not feel free to choose yourself,

 and therefore the mood can be different,

This leads to a so-called "acclimatization defect", which means being in a "feel like a rat in a trap,"

I can't adapt to the situation and I can't get out of it and this causes a state of extreme stress and some

Symptoms of depression that can be excessive and can lead to suicide.

 The Syrian woman, the second wife of the Turk:

 But he believes that the problem may lie in the idea of ​​some Turks marrying Syrian women.

Similar to "A person has one for a short duration but with a legal contract so that he cannot do it, the Lord is angry and then sets her free".

The psychiatrist claims that this leaves the marriage with two problems instead of one.

If your luck fails during pregnancy or you become a mother at a young age and do not have any means of financial support,

This also exposes you to a (acclimatization defect), and when it is small, the pressure increases. On the other hand ,

Some of them fall into the cycle of frequent marriages and divorces, and there are mediators for this type of marriage.

The psychiatrist stressed that adapting to life in light of cultural differences may differ from person to person

If you have good luck and are able to adapt to different cultures, you will release the tension and clash of civilizations that is taking place.


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