The dark web, the deep internet, or the dark web


In the search engine, in the search for documents, in the abyssal area.

The deep web is not a secret, on the contrary, there are no secrets here,

 it just depends on how the search engines work. It is based on backlinks,

 and gives you a link to the links on the links that you think will link to your code.

 But it's more than that!

In addition, you need to look at yourself. Visit these nearby search places,

 it depends on location privacy. or that you use.

Anonymity in the dark makes it an illegal attractive technology. However,

 he had the opportunity to look at the available information

However, first you start to dispel some of the misconceptions about darkness.

First assumption: The dark web is synonymous with the criminal internet.

 Although dark at the time, it is also a Tor-based platform,

 plus there are fees in general. The dark web is not synonymous with cybercrime.

Like your Facebook posts, Only Me is considered private, in fact, even your friends can't see them.

 One photo to access these posts, which is to log into your personal account, etc.

 The same applies to search engines.

"Dark Web" is an umbrella term for a part of the Internet that is not indexed by search engines; 

Contains sites that do not appear in Google searches. What you need is a Tor Browser available on 


The dark web is the area of the internet, except that it will be accessed through specific software,

 such as Tor or I2P. globally - making it difficult to install switch values around the world.

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