Oppo announces its cheapest phone in 2023, Oppo A1 Pro.


Oppo announces its cheapest phone in 2023 in the middle class, Oppo A1 Pro.

The phone comes with great specifications and a price that suits many people.

The phone comes with a processor from the famous Snapdragon company, and what distinguishes the phone is that it offers a high-resolution fake camera.

The RAM of 8 or 12 GB gives you the freedom to download and run multiple applications at the same time.

The 4800mAh battery gives you more time without having to unplug the phone.

The fingerprint is integrated at the bottom of the screen.

108 + 2 MP dual rear camera.

You can also install an external Micro SD memory card.

16 MP front camera.

Large screen for unobstructed viewing.

New screen in 20:9 format.

Internal processor specifications:

Processor type Snapdragon 695

The manufacturing accuracy of the processor is 6 nanometers

Adreno 619 GPU

The internal memory is 128 or 256 GB

prices in some countries



In Saudi Arabia

956. riyals

In the UAE

935 dirhams

in Syria

1,585,000 liras

in Turkey

4760 TL

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