Drinks that help lose weight, according to nutrition experts

 1 green tea:

Green tea contains catechins and caffeine.

They are two compounds that can boost metabolism. Research indicates that caffeine,

They can help burn fat and increase the number of calories you burn at rest.

One study found that consuming a green tea blend with 150 milligrams of caffeine for three months was associated with the following

Those taking the placebo had increased weight and fat loss, as well as a greater reduction in waist circumference, compared to those taking the placebo.

2 natural juices and a protein shake.

Protein shakes can be full of various nutrients, fruits and vegetables.

And important powders that will keep you feeling full and satisfied all day long. It's also a convenient way to power on the go. According to experts.

3 apple cider vinegar:

You can try mixing 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drinking it daily.

says Gillespie. This can prevent acid erosion of the tooth enamel.

Acetic acid, the active ingredient in apple cider vinegar, stimulates metabolism and reduces appetite.

According to Gillespie. Also, it can slow down the rate at which food is emptied from the stomach.

Thus, it makes you feel full for a longer period.

4 black coffee:

It has been proven that drinking coffee reduces appetite and calories throughout the day.

But it also increases the number of calories you burn at rest. For example

A small 2020 study found that drinking four cups of coffee per day for 24 years

One week was associated with a 4% decrease in body fat in overweight adults.

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