Saudi marriage search for dating and friendship chat

Marriage in Saudi Arabia I am looking for knowledge and friendship chat chat.

I want a quiet husband who loves stability.

A young Moroccan widow residing in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

I want misyar or marriage. I am considerate, positive and elegant woman.

Name: Diana

Age 25

City or country of residence: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Saudi nationality

Marital status Single

Profession: nurse

Academic level: University level

Height and weight: 1.70 cm, 78

Skin colour: white

Health condition: very good

Characteristics of a life partner:

serious and responsible person...

30 years and over

Marital status Single /

Physical condition: good

His work: It is not important, the important thing is constant

His skin color: It doesn't matter

His health is good

Education level: normal

Your conditions in marriage: a serious non-addictive person

For those interested in applying for Miss Diana,

Please contact via the box below

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