WhatsApp launches a new feature to satisfy the desire of millions of users

You might think that WhatsApp is a medium for instant messaging and only making audio and video calls,

You can also perform a number of other tasks that can increase your productivity.

And make spending time on the app more useful for the average person, students, and business owners.

New feature of WhatsApp app

Many foreign websites specialized in covering WhatsApp news have confirmed

The coming period of WhatsApp will witness a new feature which is restoring messages by mistake,

 Currently, if a message is deleted by mistake, you will not be able to recover it

This feature will be available to everyone soon.

Multi-device support for everyone A few months ago, WhatsApp introduced multi-device support.

This feature is currently available for Android and iOS beta users.

In 2022, we can expect the app to officially launch this multi-device support for all users.

It will allow users to log into WhatsApp on other devices, even if the main device is offline.

Two-step login for WhatsApp

To prevent your account from being hacked, this extra layer of protection will make your account more secure.

So that your account can only be opened by typing a password.

From Settings - Account - 2-Step Verification - then Enable.

Here you need to enter a password and then confirm the password again

This number will be used every time you open your WhatsApp account.

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