The American Clubhouse chatting app is very popular in China

The American Clubhouse chatting app is very popular in China

 A huge turnout of the Chinese on the chat application American Clubhouse to avoid censorship

Clubhouse live voice communication app attracts large numbers of users from mainland China,

The US app remains uncensored by the authorities despite intense discussions

On rights, national identity and other sensitive topics.

The Clubhouse app, which launched in early 2020, has seen

A massive increase in user numbers earlier this month after the CEO

Tesla Elon Musk and Robin Hood CEO Vlad Tenev surprisingly took to the stage.

China bans Western social media apps such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and imposes

Strict censorship of the local internet to remove content that might negatively affect the ruling Communist Party.

Reuters directly observed many conversations in Chinese,

Thousands of users listened to extensive audio discussions covering topics including concentration camps

In Xinjiang, Taiwan independence and Hong Kong's national security law.

The app's chat rooms can only be accessed through invitations from existing members.

As of today, invites to the platform are selling for 50 to 400 yuan (about $7.78 to 69.85).

USD) on popular Chinese e-commerce websites.

While the Clubhouse app remains uncensored,

It is only available on iOS devices and is not available in the local Apple App Store,

Both present major obstacles to its widespread use.

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