Between misyar marriage and temporary marriage

Between misyar marriage and temporary marriage:

In response to a question about the difference between misyar marriage and temporary marriage, Sheikh Abdul Karim Al-Sami confirmed.

Misyar marriage is an open marriage, that is, it is not limited to a period of time and if it is linked to a specific period.

 It becomes like the temporary marriage that was permitted by some Shiite scholars, and it is not permissible according to the Sunnis.

It was said: One of the common mistakes is that some husbands specify the period, or that the marriage takes place for the woman without the presence of her guardian. or kit.

Ratios' limited rampant

In turn, the social researcher confirmed that misyar marriage cannot be considered a phenomenon in Saudi society

Note that there are reasons that justify both parties for this

And regarding the spread of this type of marriage, the Saudi writer emphasized that

 “the proportion of these marriages compared to traditional marriages

Or the ordinary does not constitute a social phenomenon

 it is limited and does not go beyond its causal conditions

The cost of misyar marriage in Saudi Arabia

There are no high costs for misyar marriage, as the wife gives up all of her wife's rights and the cost is reduced

Where prices range from 5000 to 8000 Saudi riyals for the bride

And from 900 to 1600 riyals for letters and misyar marriage contracts

Conditions of misyar marriage in Saudi Arabia

 She gives up her legal rights in marriage, such as housing, housing, and alimony

 Misyar marriage, like other marriages, must meet the conditions for the validity of the marriage,

 which are

 Select the pair, i.e. they are specifically known

 The consent of the spouses means that the marriage is consensual between the spouses

 Parents' presence

Only two witnesses

 No legal obstacles

Notarizing the marriage in court - a legal requirement

A Saudi human rights activist (who refused to reveal her identity),

 and confirmed that "misyar marriage is very prevalent in Saudi society,

It is apparent, knowing that it is done in secret without being announced or documented, and the man considers it as a picnic.

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