Turkish Singles Chat is a Turkish dating app


Get to know your other half and your partner, and all you have to do is sign up,

Then start searching completely freely without any costs. Contact all participants on the site for free.

Young men and women, girls, divorced women and widows are seriously looking for a life partner

Knowledge and friendship for serious participation in the declared permissible marriage, misyar and polygamy

Turkish application for dating and marriage in Turkey, Syrian Arab Muslim women, Moroccan women in Turkey, for marriage and friendship

Muslim, foreigner, European, Muslim, Syrian, Jordanian, Egyptian.

Antakya, Kayseri, Istanbul, Konya

An Iraqi woman residing in Turkey, I want to marry

An Iraqi woman residing in Turkey, well-off, calm-tempered. I want to marry an Iraqi, Arab or Gulf resident in Turkey.

I would like a loving husband, a serious husband, a romantic husband, a good-hearted husband a serious husband,

An Egyptian businesswoman residing in Istanbul, Turkey. I want to marry a Kuwaiti businessman

A beautiful divorced Egyptian businesswoman with a strong, cheerful, social, romantic and graceful personality.

I would like to marry a Kuwaiti businessman residing in Turkey or a European country. I want a serious husband,

An intelligent husband, an ambitious husband, a very romantic and very emotional husband.

Moroccans residing in Turkey are looking for a legal marriage

I'm from Morocco. I'm still a girl. IAM not married. I work in the field of education in Turkey. the rich.

I want to marry a single Moroccan or Gulf man in his forties. least before.

I want a loving husband. Husband wants to create a stable and happy family.

Note: The app is for Android

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  1. ابحث عن الأنوثة والعطف والحنان واللطف والمشاعر والإحساس الجياشة والكلام الطيب والمعسول