Marriage customs and wedding traditions in Turkey

Marriage customs and wedding traditions in Turkey

Wedding traditions vary from country to country, so these traditions reflect the culture of many people.

Naturally, this difference lies in customs and traditions.

Marriage is considered one of the most important occasions that reflects a large part of people's culture, customs and traditions.

If we want to shed light on marriage traditions in Turkey, we must first know some of the reasons that played a role

In the formation of their customs and traditions of marriage, Turkey is distinguished by its vast geographical area,

The wedding traditions followed there vary from north to south and from east to west as well.

Turkish society consists of a mixture of peoples that began in the era of the Ottoman Empire and included dozens of countries in Asia, Europe and Africa.

The different geographical nature of Turkey affects the customs, especially since part of it is located in Asia and another part is in Europe.

The first stage is to apply (for the family)

The stage comes after an agreement between the young man and the children on the partnership, and this usually happens in cities,

Where the atmosphere is more open than in other areas, the young man meets the children freely. Unlike villages or inland areas.

When the young man approaches the bride's house for the engagement,

The head of the family of the young man, like the father or the grandfather, asks for the hand of the boy for the young man according to the law of God and grandfather. Her messenger said we want you.

The daughter of such-and-such for Ibn So-and-so according to the law of God and the Sunnah of His Prophet.

In this case, there is prior approval between the two families and the application is accepted immediately.

But if the boy’s betrothal was delivered by the family of a young man who did not know the bride’s family,

 They ask for a period to think and ask questions about the groom, before giving an answer a week later. in Turkey ,

There is nothing known in many countries, the so-called dowry, i.e. impulsiveness and delay,

All the groom does is bring a symbolic set of gold to dress the bride on the wedding day.

"The wedding supplies are divided between the two parties. The groom prepares the house and the bride brings it.

The second stage: publicly applying for the girl (engagement)

Before the engagement, the groom's family visits the bride's house and brings with them a bouquet of flowers and chocolates to agree on the details of the engagement day.

It is customary for the bride to prepare coffee for the guests, and all cups of coffee are normal except for the groom's cup.

They put salt instead of sugar, and he has to drink it without showing any sign of astonishment. or embarrassment on the face.

Then the Fatiha is read and the details of the sermon are agreed upon, whether in the bride's house or in the wedding hall.

Friends and relatives are invited to the engagement, in which the groom and bride stand shoulder to shoulder with the mothers. next to them,

One of the relatives comes from the groom or from the bride's side, usually the groom's uncle,

To give a short speech saying: Dear guests, We have gathered on this special day to bless these young people on their happy day.

And here you are witnessing the first day they walk together, and I wish them a happy life for the rest of their lives,

And congratulations. Then the speaker wears the engagement ring.

Engagement rings are placed next to the scissors on a decorative tray called the engagement tray. The two rings are tied with a red ribbon,

The speaker cuts the tape and wears the rings.

Then the groom's parents dress the bride's "net", after which the celebration begins with dancing and singing.

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