Marrying who benefits from marriage in terms of health, the man or the woman

A recent German study on marriage:

A recent German study revealed that marriage is good for human health, but men reap the most 

benefits. The researchers stressed,

Based on a study conducted at a university in Berlin, on the importance of marriage for the health of 

both partners,

Men reap more health benefits from marriage than women,

 and scientists have confirmed that marriage is beneficial for the health of both men and women.

They concluded that marriage, regardless of its negatives, is better than staying without a partner.

They noted that even those whose married life ended in divorce would find that their health improved 

even more if they remarried.

This study came to support a series of research from different parts of the world,

 showing that married people have better health

And a longer life than those who did not. However ,

Its importance lies in going into unprecedented detail in an effort to identify the reasons why marriage 

makes a difference to the health of

The human. Scientists based their research on cases of more than 9,000 people born in 1957,

 and over a 48-year period,

 They took part in a large-scale British national study that examined these participants,

 Which included their mental activity and breathing efficiency.

A previous study showed that men suffer psychologically from separation,

 especially if they are rejected by the other party.

 But if a woman remains single, especially after a failed marriage,

 the odds of developing depression are very high

Positive health benefits of marriage:

They explained that the positive health benefits of marriage were greater for men,

 and pointed out that their health was negatively affected after divorce,

But she returns to recovery if they remarry. The study also confirmed that women suffer more upon separation.

 And be prone to depression, and showed that married women are happier than unmarried and divorced women.

The researchers concluded that marriage benefits the health of these people,

 and the study revealed that the healthiest women were those who married in their late twenties or early 

thirties and continued to marry.

A recent French study revealed that women also benefit from marriage.

 Both married men and women had significantly lower rates of heart attacks than unmarried men and 

women. They also have a higher chance of surviving a heart attack.


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