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Muzmatch is one of the first applications to enter the world of Islamic dating online. The app now has more than three million users in 192 countries and claims to have been responsible for completing more than 56,000 wedding ceremonies.

For example, initially, users of the app only wanted to identify same-sex partners,
But the application data displays other information. Shahzad adds: "I realized how limited users are, knowing that in Islam there is no difference between sects and races, or at least there should be no difference. Hence we decided to add some changes."

While some users believe that dating apps make them feel like they are negotiating a “deal,” Shahzad believes that marriage in the past was a “real deal,” in which parents controlled every step of the marriage, from choosing a partner to getting to know his family and ending with telling the groom he was rejected. . As for these applications, people have lifted these burdens.

Muzmach differs from competing apps that rely on local and community characteristics in creating their brands, as they, as regulators, target users in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, who are exclusively Muslims.

Registration in the Muzmach . program

When registering with the app, users have to press the “I swear to God” button provided that they are using the app “correctly”. And when the user finds a potential partner, a reminder arrives to "keep things right".

The CEO of the company executing the application, Yonas, whose appearance - as well as his company's policy - reflects a modern image of Islamic identity, believes that the youth of the current generation are more inspired by the true Islamic values ​​of their parents. , who derived their principles from their strict cultural values, and that this generation is more open to the other. .

In a way, the app has been a success, Shahzad says he started helping young Muslims get rid of inherited prejudices by using the app.

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