Understand the truth of the true misyar marriage of misyar.

Understand the truth of the true misyar marriage of misyar.

Opinions about this type of marriage differ between opponents and supporters.

Misyar marriage is a legitimate and valid marriage that suits a greater number of people than others. A lot of reasons are paid to him,

 Such as the high cost of dowries, the large number of husbands, widowed and divorced women,

 The first wife’s unwillingness to marry her second husband, and the man’s desire to have more than one wife,

 The man's fear for the first entity of his family has different circumstances behind him that make it difficult for one to judge if he does not live in them.

In essence, marriage under ideal conditions requires dwelling together and the husband assumes all the responsibilities of his household,

But on land, the wind does not flow as the ships wish. Not everyone has the same circumstances and abilities,

Does this mean introversion and the prohibition of what God has permitted? Misyar marriage, like any marriage,

It is a personal choice that suits most situations. Choosing the lifestyle a person would like to lead depends on his or her priorities and capabilities.

A divorced mother with financial sufficiency, she will place her priorities more on the family and emotional side,.

Perhaps she would prefer a self-directed husband to socialize with and be a parent and mentor to her children.

He may be his best student in his academic life. A priority step that gives him motivation and emotional immunization impulse,

To find a job that can later provide him with housing and necessary expenses.

Misyar marriage tips:

First, honesty with everyone.

Sometimes pride or fear prevents one from telling the whole truth. The stress of ambiguity and secrets can be worse than saying open up, facing things at first, and coming up with a solution that satisfies all parties.

Second: trust between the two parties.

Confidence is the first and most important advice. A marriage based on trust between the two parties to the marriage is prepared to avoid any future grudges.

 Confidence in the good faith and seriousness of the other party is necessary to move forward

Third: Be wise and trust.

Misyar marriage is a solution to a situation where it is difficult to marry secondary elements due to certain circumstances and not a desire to exploit others,

 Achieving impossible dreams. It is cooperation and consensus on both sides. Each one must,

 To put selfishness and personal desires aside and substitute the short effort to make up,

The partner for the absence of other components in order to make the first marriage his basis for success in love and trust.

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